Joseph R Juvenal
Artist and Illustrator
Joseph R. Juvenal has been an oil painter, watercolorist and pen and ink artist for forty years. His degree in Art was obtained at California State University, Sacramento.

Joe has lived mostly in California and Nevada, and now resides in central Oregon. He lived five years with the Piautes on the Walker River Reservation, Schurz, NV, serving as a pastor, and maintaining his painting studio there. He has also been a Graphic Artist and Illustrator for over thirty years, ten of those years with NSAWC and TOPGUN, at NAS Fallon, NV. Joe specializes in Cowboy Art, Aviation Art, and Pen and Ink Drawings.

His oil paintings and pen and ink drawings have won numerous awards throughout northern Nevada, and California.

This site is dedicated to Joe's fine art, i.e. original oil paintings and framed pen & ink drawings. However, he want's you to have an opportunity to own his illustrations and prints of his fine art should you desire to. Therefore, take a look at all site pages, and also please visit Fine Art America on-line @ for reasonably priced prints, frames, mats, and illustrations. Please see our contacts page for orders, email and links.

As an artist, Joe's first love was pen and ink, the medium used by comic artists of the day, his high school renderings saving him, literally from a "life of crime". After serving in Viet-Nam and graduating with a degree in Art from California State University, Sacramento, Joe went on to pursue a career in Graphic Arts and Illustration, working first for the Air Force as an Illustrator, then when Mather AFB closed (not caused by Joe he promises) leaving for life with the cowboys and Indians in Nevada, as a visual specialist and designer for the Navy. All his life Joe has oil painted and drawn with pen and ink (and any media) for fun and profit. He defines being an artist as "Anyone who is compelled to get up every day and create, not really having a choice." Thankfully God has blessed him with skills that people like.

As an author, Joe began his career as a very young and avid contributor to the letter to the editor pages of The Sacramento Bee, and The Sacramento Union newspapers. A lover of politics and a little too opinionated for his own good, The Union at least, before its demise (not caused by Joe he promises) awarded him several "Letters of the Week", or perhaps it was "Letters of the Weak," he isn't sure.
Moving to Nevada, to go to work for the Naval STRIKE School, he continued to bother editors in Fallon, NV, and began writing a weekly column for The Mineral County Independent-News, in Hawthorne NV.
In 2008, he was mulling over the idea for a novel, and in 2010 finally penned it to (electronic) paper; the result being The Soulless Man, a Novel of Murderous Technology. In the auspicious, or perhaps suspicious, tradition of Mad Magazine, he encourages you to read it; "Its cheap!"

For a glimpse into Joe's political work take a look at his web site/blog/opinion paper: The Visionary Conservative @

Joe's novel The Soulless Man, A Novel of Murderous Technology is available at the Amazon Kindle Store for $2.99

Humans kill for a myriad of reasons, but at the core of every murder is emotion, anything else is an accident. A machine has no empathy, can feel no sympathy. It can with the proper equipment crush your bones and rip your flesh, and in the next moment speak in soothing, and healing tones. But it will not love you. However, if that machine looked and acted human, and could be controlled by its makers, and those makers were in danger of losing a lot of money and prestige, would that be sufficient for them to be angry and just jealous enough to want to kill you? 

The Soulless Man, asks its readers to ponder these things: what is your spirit or soul, and where does it come from?  Secondly: can a machine possess a soul? And thirdly: as machines become more and more intelligent, but not necessarily cognizant, then are they potentially dangerous?  With no soul, no conscience, no remorse, no sense of right or wrong except what is programmed into them; might they become in the hands of certain people the perfect killing machines?

Humans kill for a myriad of reasons, machines kill in the hands of humans.
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